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Two Wanted Men Found Hiding in Closet

By Jessie Williams 

Macon County officers arrested two wanted men they discovered hiding in a closet of an Oak Knob Rd. residence last week. 

According to detective Shane Gregory, Sergeant Jake Ayers and deputies Josh Meador & Jason Sells arrived at 939 Oak Knob Rd. on March 19, 2022 attempting to locate 56-year-old Barney Meyer and 26-year-old Dustin Stewart, who had active warrants for a prior theft.

A female individual answered the door, telling officers Mr. Stewart was somewhere inside and giving law enforcement consent to enter the residence.

Officers began searching the residence for the men. When they entered a small bedroom on the backside of the home, they discovered a closet door that was halfway open. 

The officers called out for the men to exit the closet, and Mr. Meyer came out without incident. He was immediately taken into custody. 

Mr. Stewart was found on the closet floor, laying under a blanket. He was also detained by officers. 

A search of the men, and the closet, led to the discovery of six baggies containing a clear, crystalized substance believed to be methamphetamine, two sets of digital scales and 10 empty, clear plastic baggies. 

All of the crystal substance combined weighed approximately 17.47 grams. 

Mr. Stewart was charged with theft of property, vandalism and conspiracy: criminal (felony). His bond was set at $25,000.

Mr. Meyer was charged with manufacturing of narcotics, manufacture, delivery or possession of methamphetamine, theft of property, vandalism and conspiracy: criminal (felony). His bond is set at $50,000.

Both men are scheduled to appear in general sessions court on April 20, 2022.