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Hartsville Man Arrested on List of Charges

Jacob Thaxton

A 22-year-old Hartsville man was arrested last week on multiple charges involving drugs and resisting arrest following a routine traffic stop.
According to the report written by Lafayette Police Department Patrolman Hunter Sullivan, he observed a back Nissan Rogue on August 29, 2022, that displayed a tag belonging to a different vehicle.
Upon making contact with the driver, identified as Jacob Thaxton, he was told Thaxton just purchased the vehicle but he could not provide any proof.
Mr. Thaxton stated he had a suspended license, and he was detained by patrolman Sullivan.
A search of his person was conducted due to Thaxton continuing to stick his hands in his pockets, at which time Mr. Thaxton dropped his wallet.
When asked if he had any illegal items inside his wallet, Thaxton stated there was marijuana inside. But when opened by law enforcement, officers discovered a crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine in the wallet.
Patrolman Justin Bergdorff, who was also at the scene, attempted to handcuff Mr. Thaxton, but he jerked away and attempted to flee on foot, but tripped in a ditch.
Officers were able to catch up to him, and attempted to handcuff him again, at which time he is said to have begun kicking and pushing officers away. Patrolman Bergdorff’s radio was broken during the altercation.
Once Thaxton was in handcuffs, officers conducted a search of his vehicle where they located multiple drug paraphernalia items.
He was charged with license plate displayed on wrong vehicle, evading arrest, manufacture, delivery or possession of meth, vandalism, driving while in possession, financial responsibility violation, resisting arrest, driving on revoked license, assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.
His bond was set at $32,500, and he is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on Dec. 21, 2022.