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Over 30 Animals Rescued From Breeding Operation

By Jessie Williams 

A Lafayette couple was arrested on animal cruelty charges last week after authorities discovered and rescued over 30 animals living in deplorable conditions. 

The rescue operation began after Macon County Animal Control received an anonymous request to do a welfare check on animals located at 104 Cattle Drive. When they arrived and saw the situation, they immediately contacted the Macon County Sheriff’s Office for assistance. After officers arrived on the scene, all involved quickly agreed that more assistance was needed. 

They then reached out to Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), who responded quickly, and immediately began working on a plan. 

ARC’s Field Team was deployed, assisting Macon County law enforcement with the animal cruelty case and the seizure of 30+ animals at the backyard breeding operation where Great Danes and other large-breed dogs, 5 cats, and 2 chinchillas have been living in severe neglect. 

Many dogs inside the indoor spaces were packed in small cages, unable to stand, turn around, or spread their limbs freely. The animals had been used and bred for profit with no regard for their needs. They suffered from multiple cases of cherry eye, mammary tumors, granulomas on paws and legs from pressure sores, and other painful conditions consistent with unsanitary housing, neglect, and inadequate veterinary care. Many were terrified to step outside their cages. These animals were taken to ARC’s Rescue Center outside of Nashville to provide them with urgent medical, physical, and emotional care, document the cruelties inflicted on their bodies for evidence packages, and ensure they go on to find loving homes.

Amanda Smalling Fox and Scott W. Fox were charged with 10 counts of cruelty to animals.

Their bonds were each set at $10,000 and they are scheduled to appear in general sessions court on April 5, 2023. 

Macon County Animal Control would like to thank everyone that assisted on this case, and Friends of Macon County TN Animals who originally reached out to their contact at ARC and asked them to contact us.