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6th Grade and 9 & 10 Blue Teams win Area Championships!

By: David Phillips

This past Saturday, our 9 & 10 Blue Team and our 6th Grade Blue Team travelled to Westmoreland to participate in the Area Championship Bowl games.  Our 9 & 10 team won their 4th Area Championship and our 6th Grade team won their 7th Area Championship.  The 9 & 10 year olds played Station Camp in their 1st game and defeated them by a score of 44-0. Seth Carlisle had 91 yards, 3 TD’s and 3 tackles; Seth Barber had 54 yards, 1 TD and 3 tackles; Taylor Carman had 54 yards, 2 2-pt conversions and 1 tackle; Houston Stafford had 46 yards, 1 TD and 1 tackle; Cole Carnahan had 17 yards and 1 2-pt conversion; Landon Wix had 1 2-pt reception and 2 tackles; Zack Pemberton had 17 yards and 2 tackles; Lee Pruitte had 14 yards and 1 TD; Jordan Powell had 6 tackles; Zach Emmitt had 5 tackles; Austin Smith had 3 tackles; Jared Whitefield and Tanner Wilmore had 2 tackles each and James Dorris, Chris Birchfield, Logan Hewitt, Chase Whittemore, Jacob Atkins, Isaiah Scott, Spencer Hogin, Stephen Lancaster, Dawson Gunter, Hunter Nelson, Levi Bolton, Carson Brawner and Chris Oliver had 1 tackle each.  In the 2nd game, they defeated Westmoreland 36-6.  Seth Carlisle had 2 rushing TD’s, 1 kick-off return for a TD and a 2-pt conversion; Taylor Carman had 68 yards, 1 TD and 2 tackles; Seth Barber had 44 yards, a 2-pt conversion and 1 tackle; Cole Carnahan had 29 yards, 1 TD and 1 2-pt conversion; Landon Wix had 22 yards and 2 tackles; Logan Hewitt had 15 yards; Jared Whitefield had 8 tackles; Carson Brawner had 6 tackles; Jordan Powell  and Zach Emmitt had 5 tackles; Tanner Wilmore had 4 tackles; Lee Pruitte had 2 tackles and Houston Stafford, Denver Krantz, Zack Pemberton, Austin Smith, James Dorris Chase Whittemore, Trent Boles and Jacob Atkins had 1 tackle each.

The 6th grade team defeated Westmoreland 26-0.  Cayden Shrum had 72 yards and 1 tackle; Jason Sewell had 60 yards, 1 TD and 7 tackles; Austin Shelton had 39 yards, 2 TD’s and 1 tackle; Braxton Crawford had 18 yards; Bryson Smith had 15 yards, 1 TD and 2 tackles; Brian Swindle had 7 tackles; Tyler Johns had 4 tackles; Trevor Meador and Dylan Butler had 3 tackles; Shane Whitefield had 2 tackles; and Tanner Cleary and Tyler Swindle had 1 tackle each.  They were supposed to play Station Camp too, but Station Camp pulled out of the tournament after their 1st game, so we only had 1 game for the day.

Members of the 9 & 10 year old team included Isaiah Scott, Seth Carlisle, Seth Barber, Landon Wix, Lee Pruitte, Houston Stafford, Denver Krantz, Cole Carnahan, Spencer Hogin, Zack Pemberton, Austin Smith, James Dorris, Taylor Carman, Tanner Wilmore, Chris Birchfield, Logan Hewitt, Stephen Lancaster, Jared Whitefield, Chase Whittemore, Trent Boles, Jacob Atkins, Dawson Gunter, Zach Emmitt, Lucas Berry, Wes Sadler, Hunter Nelson, Levi Bolton, Carson Brawner, Chris Oliver and Jordan Powell.  Lucas Berry had an injury during the 1st half of the first game so we want to wish him a speedy recovery and thanks for staying and rooting your team on.  On behalf of the league and all the coaches – we hope to see all of you back next year!

Members of the 6th grade team included Braxton Crawford, Jason Sewell, Bryson Smith, Tanner Cleary, Hunter Dickens, Cayden Shrum, Austin Shelton, Shane Whitefield, Trevor Meador, Tyler Johns, Jordan Amos, Jacob McClard, Mason Trent, Brian Swindle, Andrew Eastman, Markus Jones, Tyler Swindle, Chandler Hudson, Hunter Bolton and Dylan Butler.  To each of you – we wish you all the best of luck next year on the Jr High level and we sincerely hope to see each and every one of you all the way through the high school years!

On a personal note – I am very proud of both of our teams as you represented Macon County, our league, your teams and yourselves extremely well!  Every ballplayer did an outstanding job and everyone got to play in each game.  Our teams, players and coaches all did a wonderful job and showed class and sportsmanship throughout the games.  I hope to see all of you again next year – either in our league or at the next level for all you 6th graders this year!

Also, our league awards day has been scheduled for Saturday November 20 at Lafayette Elementary School.  The 6-8 division will be held at 12:00 and the 9-12 division will be held at 2:00.  Trophies will be handed out to each cheerleader and player that remained dedicated to their team for the whole season.

Cheering for the blue and white teams were A J Overstreet, Hannah Keene, Megan Swindle, Lexi Presley, Taylor Kirby, Katlyn Jones, Kaitlyn Newberry, Kayci Harrison, and Harlee Carter.  Coaches were Keshia Morgan, Brenda Jones, and Anna Carter with student helpers of Katelyn Greanead and Kaitie Ellis.  Thanks to each of these girls and coaches for helping support both of our blue and white teams and for a great job with the cheers and the dance.  We hope to see each of you again next year and for those of you going into Jr High, we wish you the best of luck in everything you do!