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Ignorance and Greed—Twin Enemies of Democracy

Democracy will not self-destruct.  Its staying-power will not weaken.  It is some of the ingrates who have been blessed by it who will bring about its demise.  Ignorant and greedy citizens who have been fortunate enough to live in this great nation have cast their votes against the continuance of democracy, out of loyalty to some ignorant cause, while putting their parasitical hands in the pockets of Uncle Sam.  Whether they know it or not, they are the enemies of America.  Those of us who believe in the Constitution are not the enemies of democracy.  No, it is those whose minds are clouded with ignorance and whose hearts are filled with greed—standing by with open hands, hoping the liberal politicians will fill their hands with loaves and fishes and take over the job of running their lives while they take another bath in self-induced ignorance.

            A classic example of the uninformed took place recently in Macon County Tennessee when there were those who criticized a billboard “52 West By-Pass” which told nothing but the historical truth.  Yes Virginia, there was a man, wicked I might add, who did live and who did start World War II, whose name was Adolph Hitler, and did declare that to first take over a nation, the citizens thereof must first be disarmed.  He did that all over Europe.  Whether it is a hand gun, bow and arrow, or my little sling shot which my father made for me when I was 12 years old—it is mine and I have the Constitutional right to have it, and all the bleeding heart Democrats and “scary-cat” Country Club Republicans “ain’t” getting it.  It is not those who stand for the Constitution that is causing the trouble, but those who are willingly ignorant of the horrors of living in a nation which has lost its freedom.

            It is alleged that those who criticized the correct statement on the billboard did so trying to avoid controversy, hogwash!  Haven’t they heard?  We are already in the midst of the biggest controversy since World War II.  The cemeteries throughout Macon County Tennessee and America are filled with the graves of young men and women who proudly and willingly put down Adolph Hitler and his wicked and ignorant followers whose ambition was to rule and conquer the world.  What a controversy!  But thanks be to the men and women in the military who were not afraid of a dictator and his wicked zealots and put down those who wanted to rob the world of freedom.  And to all who believe they are creating a new order, and will ride rough shod over America’s citizens, while creating a new constitution, forget it, because countless millions of us love freedom too much to roll over and play dead.  And to the Liberal Democrats and Country Club Republicans, consider moving to Iran.  None of you fit in here.  We will not allow you to destroy our America.  God is too strong and we will pray to him often.  God Bless America!