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The Mommy Memoirs: Girls Weekend!!!

Fellow moms. Only you guys will understand the extent of my excitement. 

This weekend I am going on an exclusive Girls Weekend with two of my besties! Eeeeeeeek!!!

I guess I’m at the age now that I should call it something a bit more mature like ‘Ladies Retreat,’ but let’s be real – proper etiquette and maturity are the last things on our minds when going anywhere solo with our BFF’s.

Between the three of us going, we have five wild and silly boys all under the age of eight. Our households include husbands or boyfriends, our boys, and yes, even male pets. We live in a world constantly submerged in testosterone, stain remover and butt jokes. 

In that world we answer to ‘Mommy’. We are fort builders, broken toy fixers, boo-boo healers, storybook readers, mess cleaner-uppers, and tear wipers. We are busy. So busy. 

But when it’s just us girls? Well, we get to be someone else for a bit.  

In that world we have first names. We can eat at nice restaurants and wear white without fear. We are relaxed, almost carefree. We discuss The Bachelor, Real Housewives, and whatever other God-awful reality show we are addicted to, without being judged. 

We share kid stories and husband stories. We belly laugh uncontrollably and reminisce.

In this world we are are surrounded by women who knew us – knew our stories – before we become mommies. Women who have been by our sides throughout the many milestones. Women who ‘get’ us. 

And it is good for our souls.

Here’s a breakdown of how the weekend will go – We’ll drive to our hotel with the sunroof open and music blaring, just because we can. We’ll check in and eat dinner without having to look over the children’s menu or cut up someone else’s food. We’ll lay by the pool with a cold beverage without worrying about wrestling floaties onto tiny arms or reapplying sunscreen every hour. We’ll shop without tantrums (finding nothing for ourselves and everything for our kids). We’ll have adult conversations without having to spell out certain words. We’ll sleep in well past the usual 6:30 a.m. toddler wake up call. 

And when it’s all over, we’ll pack up the vehicle, check-out of our room and head back to reality. 

We’ll walk in the doors of our homes and our hearts will explode. We’ll smother our children with hugs, kisses and souvenirs. We’ll be happy to be called mommy again. 

We’ll go right back to being fort builders, broken toy fixers, boo-boo healers, storybook readers, mess cleaner-uppers, and tear wipers – only better ones, with smaller, lighter bags under our eyes.

That’s the wonderful thing about being a mom, no matter how amazing it feels to have some time to ourselves, our true happiness is always the time we spend with our children. That is, until next year – when we’re all counting down the days until our next Girls Weekend.