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Happy ‘Basic Chicks with Premature Fall Tendencies Week’

Happy Fall Ya’ll.

Okay, maybe it’s not officially fall, but it’s September – so yeah, close enough. 

Fall is my all-time fave season. I mean – football, crockpots, pumpkin spice everything, boots & hoodies, bonfires, Halloween, horror flick marathons, candy apples, candy corn & popcorn balls, Thanksgiving, turkey, family gatherings, extended time between leg shaving – what’s not to love? 

There’s a crispness in the air and warm colors all around us. It’s beautiful, it’s cozy – it’s perfect. 

This fall my son will celebrate his 3rd birthday, I will celebrate my 35th, and my husband and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. So there will be cake – lots of cake (add cake to the above list). 

I already have 3-out-of-4 of our Halloween costumes purchased and a bottle of Pumpkin spice creamer in my fridge. Obsessed would be an understatement. It’s a sickness really. 

Ladies – you feel me though, right? People might call us ‘basic’ because we love our PSL’s (pumpkin spice lattes), our leggings & boots and our fall scented candles – but if being basic is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

So happy ‘Basic Chicks with Premature Fall Tendencies Week.’ May we all get each other through this challenging time until it becomes socially acceptable to go full-on, straight jacket, fall crazy.