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MC Sheriff’s Department Solves 2011 Case


Macon County Sheriff’s Department detectives recently solved a 2011 theft case involving over $1,000 in stolen antiques.

According to Sheriff Mark Gammons, his department was investigating a burglary when they discovered the items, which were reported stolen from a cabin on the westside of the county in December of 2011.

The stolen items consisted of antique hand tools, oak furniture, rain lanterns and collectible bottles.

The 2011 victim was was notified and positively identified the items at the scene. Those items were then released to their rightful owner.

After all of the evidence was gathered, a suspect was established.

The suspect was found to be incarcerated in an out-of-county correctional facility.

Detectives will present their case to a Macon County Grand Jury for aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000.