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RBS Police Jail Man After Chase

According to Officer Woodard on Monday, October 20, he saw Tony Smith around the Thrift Store in Red Boiling Springs and he knew there was a violation of probation warrant along with other warrants issued for the subject. “I saw him pull out in his vehicle, and head down Market Street then turn left onto McClure Street as I was coming off Sunset Drive,” said Officer Woodard. “I knew his license had been revoked, so I got behind him and he proceeded to pull behind a house on McClure and I followed him.”

Woodard says that Smith attempted to pull back on to McClure Street, but another vehicle blocked him in. “I got out because I thought he had stopped,” continued the Officer, “but he threw his vehicle into reverse and slammed into the front of my patrol car and I had to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit myself.”

“He managed to get back out on McClure Street and he headed toward Highway 52,” said the officer. “I began chasing him and he was driving 80 mph in a 25 mph zone. He was going so fast that when he hit his brakes at the 52 intersection he slid out into Highway 52 almost hitting another car.”

The Smith subject then reportedly backed up and headed toward Lafayette on Highway 52. “As he was speeding down toward King Road he turned right on Whitaker Circle, then he went down Denham Hollow Road,” said Woodard. “I made it about a quarter of a mile down the road and the subject drove through a creek and I knew I couldn’t make it.”

Officer Woodard turned around and came out on the other end of Denham Hollow at Heady Ridge. “In the meantime, two Macon County deputies came to help. When I got back on Denham I saw the Smith suspect turning around behind a trailer and I started up the drive to block him in. He jumped out and took off on foot and while chasing him I deployed my tazer. He fell to the ground, where I was able to get him cuffed and into custody.”

The officer stated that Smith had dropped a white envelope and when he recovered it, there was 10 white pills inside, which were identified as hydrocodone.

“Smith’s wife was also inside the vehicle and she took off down into the woods,” Woodard noted. “Deputies Mark Brawner and Anthony Warner were chasing the female, but they lost sight of her. “During this time, Chief Terry Tuck arrived at the scene and they couldn’t locate the female.”

“Smith refused medical treatment and I took him to the Macon County Jail where he was booked. I charged him with evading on foot, possession of a Schedule II drug, evading in motor vehicle, reckless endangerment, vandalism, leaving scene of an accident, driving on revoked (4th), speeding, failure to give notice, reckless driving, stop sign law, due care and aggravated assault on an officer.

Officer Woodard said later that night a MCSO officer stopped a car that Mrs. Smith was in and she was taken into custody. “I already had a warrant on her for evading arrest on foot,” added Woodard.

“I would like to thank Deputies Mark Brawner and Anthony Warner, and RBS Chief Terry Tuck for their assistance,” said Officer K. Woodard.

Bond for Tony Christophe Smith was set at $21,500. A General Sessions Court date is scheduled for November 19. 

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