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June Spears Awarded Teacher of the Month

This is a new state level award that was started this year for the Adult Education department. “Out of the twelve Adult Education Instructors receiving this monthly honor, a Teacher of the Year will be selected,” said June Spears. “This award is called a Hope Award.” June’s supervisor, Franklin Dee Johnson, submitted her name and wrote a paper about her. “I had no idea he had submitted my name,” said June, “and I was tickled to death.”  June has been working as an Adult Education Instructor for almost 11 years, full & part time. “Brenda Eller asked me several years ago about teaching adult education at night,” June explained, “because I was doing the Drug Free Program during the day. I would work three nights a week here and then go to the jail and teach a class.” Whenever Mrs. Janet Evetts quite, Brenda wanted June to go with her full time and that’s exactly what she did. When the state took 90 supervisors and condensed it down to 45, Mrs. Eller didn’t choose to put in. She is now the Attendance Supervisor. June Spears had always  wanted to be a teacher and when she was 37-years-old she enrolled in college. By 1999 she had begun her career with the Macon County School System. June was the Drug Free Coordinator & Coordinating School Health Educator for many years. “Adult Education is very rewarding,” said June, “and when people come in, I like to say, Welcome to Adult Education, where dreams do come true.”



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