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A Message From Mayor Richard Driver

The City of Lafayette is following the guidelines that have been implemented through Governor Lee, however President Trump recently presented his guidelines for “opening up America again.”

“Currently I am working on a presentation to present to the Lafayette City Council that adheres to President Trump’s ‘Opening Up America Again’,” said Mayor Richard Driver. “The current program we have expires on April 30, 2020, and hopefully in May Governor Lee will change his guidelines to closely follow the president’s.”

“The Lafayette City Council and myself want to be prepared for what is being called the “new normal,” noted the mayor. “We want to have a plan ready as soon as the governor and the president decide to open our country back up.”

“Even though we are planning for the future, at this time we are taking steps to restore services to our citizens. This is fix-up, clean-up week in Lafayette and we are collecting items at City Hall. For more information, contact Lafayette City Hall at 615-666-2194. Also, due to warm weather, we are beginning to install new water and sewer taps throughout our service lines. You will also see brush and leaf pick-up throughout the city when the weather permits. We have some outstanding contracts for street work that should be started soon. 

“The past few weeks COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us. It has affected our community in many ways, including the way we worship, how we interact with our family and friends, our retail and service businesses, our schools and even our city election. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our health care personnel, grocery store employees, and truck drivers just to name a few. We will overcome this through prayer and supporting one another. Stay safe, and God bless.”