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Community Rallies For Ty

We have had many concerned people in our community asking about the young man we had featured on our front page last week.


Last Friday the community had a local “prayer service” for Ty Swindle and his family. Ty’s father, Channing, was in attendance and expressed his thanks to people who have been in touch with the family from all over the country. He indicated that there were some small signs of improvement but that Ty would continue to need people’s thoughts and prayers. There were well over 100 in attendance in small clusters, and some listening in their cars, to the heart-felt service. 

Over the weekend I was able to talk briefly with Anthony and Stacy Carter about Ty’s condition and the continued concern that our community was expressing.

From Vanderbilt Hospital Stacy sent out the following update about her son Ty. “So tonight makes a week since this horrible nightmare started. First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone that has prayed, texted, called, etc.. It’s all greatly appreciated and also very overwhelming to see the support we have from everyone in this community.”

“Ty’s condition at this point is improving slowly but improving. He is still on ventilator but has pneumonia which probably is prolonging his lungs from being strong and healthy enough to take him off at this point but very optimistic it will be soon. His right leg is strong and right arm is getting stronger. His left leg has minimal movement but some which is good. His left arm hasn’t shown much yet but still hopeful. Ty is a tough 14 yr old who loves playing football, working out, and being with family and friends so I know that he will work his hardest to get where he needs to be so he can do everything he loves to do.”

“I hope everyone continues to pray for him, our family, and his friends because we need each and every one of them along with the continued support. God bless everyone and hold your babies tight.”

Many of us within the community, including my family, will continue to pray for this family during this trying time. We will try to update the community on Ty’s progress, without being a burden on his family.

Heed Stacy’s words and cherish this time with your family because we never know what the future may hold.