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Macon County High School Senior Parade, May 15

A Macon County High School senior parade has been planned for Friday, May 15, to honor the class of 2020. 


On Friday, May 15. seniors will line up in the MCHS parking lot between 10:15 am & 10:45 am. 

They will depart the front drive-thru of the MCHS parking lot at 11 am sharp with a law enforcement escort. 

Only one senior will be permitted per vehicle—it is HIGHLY encouraged that at a parent drive so the students won’t have to focus on the driver ahead of them while viewing the parade supporters. 

The decorating of vehicles is also highly encouraged—however, please be mindful that we’ll be traveling near full speed down Hwy 52 to Westside. So please don’t use decorations that could potentially fall off or be lost. Seniors—please wear your Cap & Gowns as we would during the traditional Tiger Walk.
We welcome as much community and family support as possible along the route —attendees can park in parking lots, etc. but please do not access any of the school parking lots. The Schools’ parking lots are for the teachers only during this Parade. Thank you for your cooperation. 

We look very forward to seeing everyone on Friday, May 15!

SENIOR PARADE ROUTE: Sr Parade will depart MCHS front drive-thru (MCHS teacher support) and then go down by ALC (ALC teacher support) to access the MCJH front parking lot (MCJH teacher support). Then we’ll travel Hwy 52 to the Westside parking lot (ETA—11:35…Westside teacher support). After that, the parade will retrace back down Hwy 52 to Lafayette and turn left at the Hwy 10/Hwy 52 intersection near Citizens Bank. The Parade will pass the Macon County Board of Education (ETA—11:55, BOE employee support) and then turn left to pass through the Fairlane parking lot (ETA—12 pm, Fairlane teacher support). After leaving Fairlane, the parade will go toward LES—turning behind the football field scoreboard and then circle around to the front parking lot of LES (ETA—12:15 pm, LES teacher support). After departing LES, the parade will turn down toward Central Elementary School and circle thru their front parking lot (ETA—12:25 pm, Central teacher support). The last leg of the Parade Route will take it back up by Pizza Hut and turn Right toward the Public Square (ETA—12:35 pm). The parade route will officially end when law enforcement turns left back onto Hwy 52 (by La Tia, ETA—12:45 pm) to head back toward MCHS.