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Senator Mark Pody Visits Macon County

Tennessee Senator Mark Pody was in Lafayette last Thursday morning, and he met with Lafayette Mayor Richard Driver and County Mayor Steve Jones. 


Senator Pody talked about COVID-19, and he said one of the biggest things Tennessee is facing is unemployment. “Almost a half a million people have filed for unemployment and our systems normally handle about 2,700 people per week in Tennessee,” said Senator Pody. “They are so far behind in processing these claims, that we have put in an additional 300 people to date that we are getting trained to do this. But people are still calling and saying ‘Mark, I can’t buy any food because I don’t have any money,’ and these people were living pay check to pay check before the Coronavirus outbreak – and what little bit of savings they had, is gone. And they need help.”

“I want to let these people know, if they need help they can call me at 615-741-2421,” noted the Senator. “Right now when people are calling the unemployment number they can’t hardly get through, and they are calling multiple times. If you need help call me, or call my office and we will help cut through some of the red tape.”