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Wife Rams Husband’s Vehicle: Four Children in Her Vehicle at the Time

By Jessie Williams

A 27-year-old Lafayette woman was arrested last week for ramming her vehicle into her husband’s, while driving with four children in the car. 


According to the affidavit of complaint filed by Deputy Austin Cliburn of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office, Cliburn was dispatched to the area of Scottsville Rd. and Spring Creek Rd. due to reports of a vehicle attempting to wreck another vehicle. 

Deputy Cliburn arrived on the scene and made contact with the female driver of a light blue mini van, identified as 27-year-old Brittany N. Pedigo. 

The mini van’s front bumper was hanging off the vehicle.

Mrs. Pedigo advised the officer that the other driver involved in the accident was Joey Pedigo, and that he was driving a white Nissan Frontier. 

Deputy Cliburn made contact with Mr. Pedigo and his passenger on Woodside Lane, and interviewed them both separately. 

Mr. Pedigo told the officer that he was driving up to the square when his wife, Brittany Pedigo, rear-ended him and started driving erratically. He stated that he then continued driving towards his home, because there is an active order of protection – with Brittany being the protected person – and he didn’t want to get in trouble. 

Mr. Pedigo further stated that he was attempting to turn into Sonic to lose her, when Brittany  swerved and hit him in the side of his vehicle. 

As he continued towards home, Mr. Pedigo said she drove up beside him and attempted to pass him two more times near Tuck Rd. and tried to hit him again on Spring Creek Rd. 

He stated he was able to get away and was continuing to his residence, when he was pulled over by Officer Cliburn.

After interviews with a third party witness, Mr. Pedigo, his passenger, and Brittany, it was determined Mr. Pedigo’s version of events closely matched those of the third party witness. 

Brittany had four children with her at the time of the altercation, three of which were not hers. 

Deputy Cliburn also claims Brittany gave a false written statement at the scene. She was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated domestic assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and filing a false report.

Her bond was set at $12,000, and she is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on July 29, 2020.