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Armed Man on Tractor Damages Victims’ Home

By Jessie Williams 

A 72-year-old Lafayette man was arrested last week for allegedly tearing the porches off of another person’s home – while armed on a tractor.


According to a report filed by investigating officer Jacob Law of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department, a call came in to dispatch from a residence on Old Bottom Road on Sunday, June 28, 2020, stating that Walter Ramsey was tearing the porch off of their mobile home. 

Two individuals were inside the residence at the time. 

When Officer Law arrived on the scene, Mr. Ramsey was still on the tractor.

Further investigation revealed Ramsey was armed and had threatened to use his weapon to harm the victims inside. 

After interviews were conducted, Ramsey was arrested and charged with aggravated assault (2 counts), reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm during a violent felony. 

He is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on August 28, 2020.