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State Trooper Fired After Admitting to Taking Nude Photos & Videos of Woman in Shower

By Jessie Williams 

A copy of the termination notice for former Tennessee Highway Patrol member Keith Garrett, of Lafayette, was recently released – showing that he was terminated after the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacted the Department of Safety & Homeland Security and informed them that nude photographs and a nude video of a woman had been found on Garrett’s phone.


The notice was dated June 22, 2020,  and his termination was effective at the close of business on July 2, 2020. Garrett received compensation during those ten days but was not allowed to report to work. 

The notice states that Garrett was interviewed by the FBI, and admitted to videoing the woman while she was in the shower and taking nude photos of her, without her knowledge or consent.

The photos and videos were saved to his personal phone.

On June 18, after the investigation was initiated by the FBI, a family member obtained an Order of Protection against Garrett from the court of Macon County. 

Chronicle readers may recall from our June 29, 2020 issue that Garrett was arrested on June 28 for violating that order of protection. 

After the order was served to him, Garrett allegedly went to the protected party’s place of employment and left notes on their vehicle and was also seen driving by slowly, causing the protected party to be afraid.

The notice states that due to his actions, Garrett could no longer be trusted with the responsibilities of being a state trooper and his credibility and usefulness as a state trooper were discredited.