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County Buildings To Remain Closed Through Labor Day

On Friday, July 31, Macon County Mayor Steve Jones met with other elected officials in the courthouse and decided that the courthouse will remain closed through Labor Day. 


“At the meeting, we made the decision to wait until after Labor Day to open back up,” said Mayor Jones. “On Tuesday, September 8th, the courthouse and other county buildings are scheduled to open their doors.”

“The Justice Center will start having some courts at the end of August,” continued the mayor. 

“We appreciate everyone’s patience, as we ask the citizens to bear with us. Citizens are still able to get most county business done, and the only two things you can’t do is get your picture made for your driver’s license or passport. However, you can go to Gallatin and get those done.”

Marriage licenses can be done by appointment, and if you need your license plates you can call the County Court Clerk’s office or drop your information off in the drop box on the side of the courthouse, and they will be glad to process it, and get you registration and tags back to you by mail. For more information on this process contact the County Court Clerk’s Office at 615-666-2333.

For any court information contact the Macon County Circuit Court Clerk’s office at 615-666-2354.