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Jr. High Tigers Are Conference Champs!

By Mark Darnell

The Macon County Junior High Tigers won their conference championship with a 30-0 win over York Junior High. 


The Tigers had to wait till there was 0:31 left in the first quarter to score on a 17 yard pass from Gabe Borders to Luke Gammon while Tristen Redfield would make the two point conversion to make it 8-0. The Tigers would score again with 1:31 left in the half on a 12 yard run from Gabe Borders and Braylon Flowers would make the conversion to give the Tigers a 16-0 lead. Macon would get the ball right back and score on a Gabe Borders to Flowers 45 yard touchdown pass. The conversion was no good and Macon led 22-0 at the break.

On the opening possession of the second half Zach Borders scored on a 16 yard run with 6:35 left in the third quarter. Redfield would make the conversion and it was 30-0 Tigers.

It seemed that the York plan for at least the second half was to keep the ball on offense, so the Tiger offense could not score. York managed to hang on to the ball for most of the third quarter and into the fourth. At that time it was over and time for Coach Jett to let the subs play. Final score in the championship game Macon 30 York 0.

The Tigers are tentatively scheduled to play in a bowl game on Tuesday night in Cannon County.