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Macon County Mayor Urges Citizens to Get Vaccinated

By Macon County Mayor Steve Jones
With more than 35 years’ experience in serving the residences of Macon County as a first responder for medical emergencies and now in my second term as Mayor of our county, the health of our community has never been more at risk. 
Our lives have all been dramatically changed by the Covid-19 pandemic over the course of the last year and half.   We have all seen friends and family hospitalized and some die of this terrible virus. Being vaccinated is a personal choice and it may not be the right choice for you, but I feel compelled to request that each of you consider getting vaccinated in order to protect our community and the people around you. Like any other vaccine many of us have taken over the years, whether it be for the flu, polio, measles, smallpox, or other viruses, the Covid-19 vaccine is a critical tool that has been developed to help reduce the spread of the virus as well as decrease the chances of getting sick and being hospitalized. I am not making this request on behalf of any other person or for any political reason – I believe that getting the vaccine will save lives. This vaccination was created under the Trump administration and has been continually distributed after the new administration took office.  Scientists worked for months to create a vaccine that was safe for the public. Now the country is seeing new outbreaks as the virus has evolved and immunity lessens.  With school starting back and our aging population, I am afraid we will continue to be hit hard with sickness without action. Studies say fully vaccinated individuals are more than 99 percent likely to escape hospitalization or death. I have taken the vaccine, my family has taken the vaccine, and I hope each of you will consider taking the vaccine for your own health and safety and to help those around you. Macon County has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state and I want to ensure that we do everything we can to fight this virus and keep the people of Macon County healthy. You can contact Macon Community Hospital, Macon County Health Dept, local Pharmacy’s or your own Physician for vaccination locations and information.
Steve Jones, Macon County Mayor