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Six Arrested in Credit Card Fraud Case

By Jessie Williams 

Six arrests have been made by Lafayette Police Department detectives so far in an ongoing investigation into credit card fraud.

According to Detective Jeff Hix, a company gas card came up missing from Kendal Vegetation – a Kentucky-based company that is doing work here in Macon County. 

After some investigating, it was determined that the card was stolen by a former supervisor who allowed other former employees and their family members to use the card as well. 

Detective Hix stated the card had a total of approximately $14,000 in fraudulent charges in Tennessee and Kentucky, from August 2020 to August 2021.

Around $8,300 of those charges were from Macon County at local businesses including Jr. Foods, Tiger Fuel, Marathon, Sunshine Market and Peggy’s Market. 

The six local individuals arrested, so far in the case, are: 

Christopher R. Roddy, age 24, of Lafayette

Zachary Roddy, age 25, of Lafayette 

Kaylie D. Coker, age 23, of Lafayette

Emily Roddy, age 28, of Lafayette

Dylan R. Disman, age 25, of Lafayette 

Chad Hargrave, of Red Boiling Springs


These individuals were charged with criminal conspiracy and theft: forgery. They each are being held on a $10,000 bond and are all scheduled to appear in general sessions court on Sept. 1. 

A warrant is currently out for the arrest of others involved. This case remains ongoing and additional charges are pending.