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Woman Sleeping in Car Arrested for Meth

By Jessie Williams 

A 19-year-old Lafayette woman was arrested last week after officers discovered methamphetamine inside the vehicle she and a male passenger were sleeping in.

According to a report written by arresting officer Jeffery Maynard of the Red Boiling Springs Police Department, the patrolman observed a black Chevrolet car sitting behind the RBS Little League baseball fields on Saturday, September 18.

The officer approached the vehicle and observed two people sleeping inside, one in the driver seat and one in the passenger seat.

The officer was able to wake both subjects and asked them to open the door due to the dark window tint on the vehicle.

When the driver opened the door, a clear baggie containing a white, crystalized substance, was in plain view in the center console. 

The driver, identified as Trevor Jenkins, and passenger, identified as Chelsea Bennett, were detained. 

The officer was able to retrieve the bag of suspected methamphetamine, which weighed approximately 1 ounce. 

The officer’s report stated that Miss Bennett claimed ownership of the items found in the vehicle and was taken into custody. 

She was booked into the Macon County Jail on charges of manufacture of narcotics and manufacture/delivery/possession of methamphetamine. 

Her bond was set at $50,000, and she is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on November 11, 2021.