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RBSPD Discovers Counterfeit Money Operation

In the early morning hours on Monday, November 1st, the Red Boiling Springs Police Department began an investigation into a Twenty (20) and Ten (10) dollar bill that was passed at a local market. Both bills appeared to be counterfeit according to Investigators. As the day progressed, two more counterfeit Twenty (20) dollar bills were recovered from the same market. All bills had the same serial number. 

Investigators were able to identify 21 year old Cody L. Ray of Clay County through video security footage after he had attempted to pass the bills earlier in the day. RBS Police Chief Jeff Gentry, along with Deputies from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, were able to make contact with Mr. Ray at his residence and found on his person multiple bills consistent with the bills recovered throughout the day. 

As the investigation progressed, Investigators observed, in an abandoned mobile home adjacent to Mr. Ray’s residence, several items that appeared to be used to manufacture counterfeit currency. Mr. Ray was taken into custody and transported to the Macon County Jail where he was charged with Criminal Simulation and Criminal Attempt to Commit Theft. He is scheduled in court on December 8th

During the search of Ray’s Olin Bean Rd. residence, officers located thousands of dollars in stolen property from a residential theft on Wooten Park Rd. reported to the Macon County Sheriff’s Department on November 1, 2021. 

The home the items were stolen from was under construction at the time. The stolen items included multiple construction items as well as items being installed in the home including ceiling fans, a dishwasher, faucets, ceiling lights, buckets of paint, a trailer, paint rollers, ratchet sets, a welder, sinks, a wheelbarrow, grinders and a heater.

Macon County Detective Jacob McClard arrived at the scene and confirmed the items were those that belonged to the theft victim. All items were returned to their owner.

Ray was also charged with theft of property, aggravated burglary and criminal trespassing for the residential theft. 

The Red Boiling Springs Police Department is committed to the safety and well-being of our community and is working hard to accomplish this goal.  As of November 5th, additional bills are being recovered from surrounding communities. This is still an active and ongoing investigation with Lafayette Police Dept. Clay County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Secret Service.  If anyone has any information regarding this case, they are urged to contact the Red Boiling Springs Police Department or your local law enforcement agency if you believe that you have a counterfeit bill.