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TCHS Student Arrested For Threats of School Violence 

By Jessie Williams 

A Trousdale County High School senior was arrested without bond following threats of school violence on social media last week.

Mason Maddox, age 18, was charged with threatening mass violence on school property Friday, December 3. 

Maddox’s arrest comes after he allegedly posted on the popular social media app Yik Yak that “the school getting a clip unloaded in it tomorrow be ready” and “already got the hit list written out.”

Trousdale County officials were alerted by those who saw the anonymous messages and traced them back to Maddox. 

Maddox was suspended from school pending further investigation.

Macon County High School was also on high alert the day after the threats were made, posting additional officers at the school and posting the following announcement on its Facebook page: 

“Macon County School System is aware of a social media post which threatens school violence. The threat has been investigated and the post has been traced to Trousdale County but, as a precaution, Macon County Schools will be on alert and security will be increased to ensure that our students are safe and that our school day will proceed as normal.”

Both MCHS and TCHS have already expressed their concerns over dangers of students using the Yik Yak app. Both schools released statements to parents, urging them to delete it from their children’s electronic devices. 

The statement from Macon County High School Principal Daniel Cook reads: 

Parents of MCHS:

I am sending out this message asking for your help with a situation at Macon County High School.  We are having issues stemming from an app that students are using.  This app is called Yik Yak.  The app allows students to go online and anonymously post any and everything they want to.  This app allows students to post hurtful and harmful comments concerning their fellow classmates without anyone knowing who is making the comment.  Please have a conversation with your child concerning this app, the detrimental effects it can have on other students, and do what you can to keep this from continuing in the future.  A photo of the app is attached.


Daniel Cook

MCHS Principal


The photo of the statement from Trousdale County Director of Schools Clint Satterfield is pictured in this week’s issue.