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Thieves Hit Dollar General Trailers – Over 10,000 stolen items recovered from Macon County residence

By Jessie Williams

Over 10,000 items stolen from Dollar General trailers have been recovered from a Macon County residence. 

According to Macon County Detective Shane Gregory, the sheriffs department was contacted by the Dollar General Loss Prevention Department at the company’s corporate office in Scottsville, Kentucky, on December 7, 2021. 

Detectives were told that the company had recently been the victim of several thefts from trailers parked on Highway 31 and, through GPS tracking and monitoring, a suspect was detained in Sumner County. The suspect told authorities that the stolen items were being stored at 10861 Old Highway 52. 

Detective Gregory, along with detective Kevin Woodard, arrived at the residence the same day. 

The officers received consent to search the home from owners Johnathan and Donna Waddell. 

Inside the residence, officers discovered 91 totes, 8 rolling containers and 2 shopping carts filled with over 10,000 Dollar General items. The items were being stored in house, the garage and the basement. 

The estimated value of the stolen property is over $35,000.

The items were loaded on a truck and brought to the sheriffs department to be scanned by Dollar General’s inventory department. 

It is suspected that a truck driver from a private company was also in on the thefts.

Charges are pending in both Macon and Sumner Counties.