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New Stop Lights Installed at Dangerous Intersection

(Submitted by City of Lafayette Mayor Jerry Wilmore)

Finally after about five years, the state of Tennessee has gotten around to installing the much needed stop lights at the Ellington Drive and Highway 52 Bypass West intersection, in front of TSC.

This project was begun under the previous city mayor Mr. Richard Driver and it has taken this long for it to finally be funded. County Mayor Steve Jones and myself went to Nashville last fall and met with Mr. Paul Diggs, with the Department of Transportation, and State Representative Kelly Keisling about the need for the light and also the need to resurface College Street.

Mr. Diggs was under the impression that section of College Street was a city street, when it actually is a portion of Highway 10. Just a short time after the meeting, College Street was resurfaced.

All in all the credit for the new stop lights goes to Mayor Steve Jones, Representative Kelly Keisling and past mayor Richard Driver – as he was the mayor that got the ball rolling a few years ago. The lights were installed on Friday and the state will let them sit and blink for at least seven days, so people can get use to it before they start actually using it. So please just be patient and cautious because something like this at a four way stop will be hard to get use to.