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School Board Meets for June Work Session

By Mark Darnell

The Macon County School Board met on June 2nd at 6 pm at the Central Office. It was the regularly scheduled June work session.

Director Boles discussed changing two policies. Their seemed to be an inconsistency about fighting/violence in policy 6.3001 Code of Behavior and Discipline. There were two different references to different punishments that could be interpreted and Director Boles suggested a solution in the description of the level 3 infractions. There also appeared to be no clear punishment for pornographic material and Director Boles made a suggestion for that as well. Both were put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Boles then discussed Policy 6.316 Suspension as it pertains to the exact procedures of notification to parent guardians for children impacted by this policy. With technology changes every day, Director Boles felt that the exact procedure and requirements needed more clarification. It was also put on the agenda.

Director Boles then spent the next few minutes going through income and expenditures, line item by line item, to create a balanced budget for the SY 21-22. It amounted to $904,143.01 moved around in income to fund the same amount in expenditures. Boles stated that the easiest way to do this would be to increase the amount of fund balance deducted to make the budget balance. In addition if there were any surplus money left in any line item it would be ‘swept’ back into the fund balance once the budget year was over. This was put on the agenda.

Director Boles then presented a copier/lease agreement for the school system. Evidently the state legislature made a new law that says that any copier leases for school systems must be approved by the Board and the County Commission for some unknown reason, as this is the first time this has been required. Mid-TN out of Carthage has been servicing Macon County for the past few years and they presented a 48 month lease for all copiers in the school system at $3,885 per month. This was put on the agenda.

Director Boles then discussed the following bid advertisements:

Bus Driver Physicals for SY 22-23- Recommend Family Care Practice

Alcohol & Drug Screenings- Recommend ASMS as they provide training for bus drivers which saves the County approximately $5,000 per year on their insurance and also provides some cost savings in record keeping

Fire & Safety Equipment- Surrogate Fire Protection same bid amount from last year

Westside Propane- Webbtown Propane  bid of $2.649/gallon

Pest Control- Plateau Pest Control same bid as last year

Board-Certified Behavior Analyst- Well Spring same bid as last year with exception of increases in some optional services

Occupational Therapist- Therapy Services same bid as last year

Physical Therapist- Comp Rehab same bid as last year for services but increase in mileage expenses

Technology Contract & Equipment Purchase- ARTIS Networks monthly maintenance for all schools increase from $18,250/year to $19,150/year

TCAT RBS partial roof replacement- Gunter Construction bid of $129,370 which is scheduled to be split with Jackson County pending their Board approval

All of these bid results were put on the agenda.

The regular Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday June 9th at 6 pm at the Central Office.