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What Do You Think?

What began as a tribute to pets who have crossed over the “rainbow bridge” is now the topic of a major controversy in Macon County.

As many know, Shaun Trent of Trent’s Progrounds has been creating artwork on the Macon County Football field for many years, but his latest creation was painted over before last Friday’s football game.

The painting (pictured with this story) included an image of a rainbow with silhouettes of pets crossing over it, to represent those beloved animals that are waiting for us on the other side and in honor of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, which is celebrated August 28.

According to Trent, he was told there were complaints about the rainbow image and he was asked to cover it up. When he refused, it was covered up anyway. 

On August 26, the following statement was posted on the Trent’s Progrounds Facebook page:

“As of today I will be stepping down from maintaining the Macon County football field. I promise I did not mean to cause problems. I pour my heart and soul into these paintings and maintaining this field for our community. I’ve enjoyed this journey and I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to be able to take care of it for our County. I love this county and if I have ever let you down I’m truly sorry. I can promise I did my very best. Thank you Macon Co.”

The Macon County Chronicle reached out to Director of Macon County Schools Daniel Cook asking who was behind the decision to paint over the image and why it was done, but we have not received a response as of press time. 

So what’s your opinion Macon County? Should the artwork have stayed or do you agree with the decision to cover it up? 

We’d love to hear your opinions in letters the editor! Send them electronically to or drop them by our office at 109 Public Square. Your first and last name must be included for publication.