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Warrants Issued for Two Non-Students Involved in MCHS Prank Gone Wrong

By Jessie Williams 

Macon County Sheriff Joey Wilburn confirmed that warrants were issued Monday, May 15, for the arrest of two individuals involved in the vandalism of Macon County High School last Wednesday night. 

These two individuals are not currently students at the school, but one of them is a former student.

According to the sheriff, Macon County High School SRO Terry Atkins discovered the damage to the school on Thursday morning, and began his investigation.

Through interviews, security camera review and social media posts, law enforcement learned which students and non-students were involved.

Sheriff Wilburn explained that a group of seniors gained access to the school with the intent to perform a harmless senior prank with balloons and glitter. But another group of individuals showed up with a different agenda – leaving a dead possum inside the school, destroying school computers, and vandalizing school property.

Discipline for current MCHS students is being left up the school system, the sheriff confirmed.