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Markie Voyles Act

New Law Requires Full-Time Served with No Plea Reduction


The late Markie Voyles,  age 17 when she died on October 26, 2008.


Dear Family & Friends:
We are pleased to announce that both the senate and house have passed a bill named the “Markie Voyles Act” which will require any adult being found guilty of contributng to the delinquency of a minor resuting in death will now have to serve the full sentence of 11 months and 29 days with no plea in reduction of sentence. It may not seem like much, but, it’s definitely a start.

The adult who provided the alcohol for his daughter’s birthday party in Markie’s case only received 90 days in jail and a $500.00 fine. His minor daughter only received probation. And, the driver was convicted of vehicular homicide and served only one year with ten years probation.  
Contributing to delinquency of minor requires an adult convicted of contributing to delinquency of a minor to serve 100 percent of a Class A misdemeanor sentence if the offense involved supplying a substance to a minor that is unlawful for minor to possess and the minor engages in conduct that causes the death of another. Amendment: House amendment 1 changes effective date to July 1, 2010. House amendment 2 renames the bill the Markie Voyles Act.

TCA Sec. 37-01-0156
Senate Status: Senate 06/05/2010 concurred in House amendments 1 and 2. House Status: House 06/04/2010 passed with amendments 1 and 2. Other Status: Enacted as Public Chapter 1116 (effective 07/01/2010).

This is a start. Think of your students, your family, your life.

The Voyles Famly