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MCJHS Fairs Well Against RBS & JBS Middle


Macon County Junior High fared well this week against close rivals RBS and Jim B. Sattererfield Middle. The Junior Tigers and Tigerettes won both contests.

On Monday November 12th, RBS came to Lafayette. The Junior Tigerettes played a sluggish game missing a number of shots. RBS seemed to handle the pressure in the second half much better, but their deficit was too much to overcome. The final score was MCJHS 40 RBS 13.

Scoring for MCJHS was: Paige Clark 15, Sarah Carter 4, Kyndal Bullington 4, Kinsley Green 5, Keeley Clariday 3, Kammie Yates 8, and Krista Perkins 1. Jenna Russell, Luci Allen, Allie Dixon, Mallory Owens, and Mattie Goolsby all played but did not score.

Scoring for RBS was: Bailey Morgan 5, Cayley Tuck 3, Lauren Henson 4, and Abby Tuck 1. Shaylee Ellingson, Grayce Crouch, Caylie Gann, Sydney Henson, Tamera Murphy, Macy Raines, Amber McCarter, Bailey Tucker, and Kaylena Hatcher played but did not score.

In the Junior Tiger/Bulldog game, both teams started slow. The game proved to ebb and flow until mid way through the first half when the Tigers surged forward. Too much pressure in the second half, propelled MCJHS to the win. Final score was MCJHS 57 RBS 23.

Scoring for MCJHS was: Kendrick Carter 8, Michael Ashburn 11, Seth Carlisle 14, Tyler Gann 9, Dawson Brawner 11, Heston King 2, and Chance Presley 2. Cayden Shrum, Riley Phillips, Dylan Butler, Bryson Smith, Matt Young, and Cole Carnahan all played but did not score.

Scoring for RBS was: Elijah Byfield 2, Chase Lang 2, Michael Tirjan 4, Josh Tirjan 4, Cole Dzickiewicz 3, John Russell 5, and Caleb Stacy 3. Bailey Anderson, Justin Bergdorf, Owen Morgan, Jordan Russell, Jordan Powell, Hunter Tuck, Jarad Hatcher,  and Jacob Williams all played but did not score.

On Thursday November 15th, MCJHS traveled to Trousdale County to face Jim B. Satterfield Middle. In the girls contest, the Junior Tigerettes just outmatched the Young Lady Yellow jackets and this game was decided early. Final Score was MCJHS 41 JBS Middle 6.

Scoring for MCJHS was: Clark 4, Russell 4, Carter 3, Allen 3, Green 8, Clariday 4, Yates 13, and Goolsby 2. Bullingtso, Dixon, Owens, and Perkins all played but did not score.

Scoring for JBS Middle was:  Michaela Hodge 2, Alexis Hurst 1, Haylee Holder 1, and Jamey McKoin 2. Ally Gregory, Katelyn Fergusson, Victoria Stewart, Taylor Simmons, Michaela Kelly, and Makenzee Dixon all played but did not score.

In the boys game, JBS came ready to play. They forced quite a few turnovers and stayed close early. However the Junior Tigers outlasted and overpowered the Junior Yellow Jackets in the second half. Final score was MCJHS 47 JBS Middle 26.

Scoring for MCJHS was: Carter 10, Ashburn 2, Carlisle 22, Gann 6, King 1, Phillips 2, Young 2, and Carnahan 2. Shrum, Presley, and Butler played but did not score.

Scoring for JBS was: Colton Gammons 5, Trace McGuire 4, Austin Ford 11, Braison Raney 4, and Jacob Woodard 2. Hunter Ford, Octavious Rickman, Logan Calhoun, Austin Harrison, Tryston McGuire, Wiley Barton, Malcom Brinkley, and Tanner Lannom all played but did not score.