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Rural Viewpoints Salutes Macon Farmers

If there is a group of people who have contributed more to Macon’s economy in recent years than Macon County farmers and agriculture in general, then I am not aware of it.  We salute them for their hard work and for what they mean to this county.

I have especially been proud of the younger farmers who have worked hard and managed their farming operations with wisdom and for the older farmers who have helped guide them in their efforts. 

Agriculture in general is a major part of Macon’s income and two of the greatest rural banks in Tennessee—Macon Bank and Trust and Citizens Bank have encouraged and financially supported agriculture and made it possible for those who needed it to farm in a bigger way and operate agricultural businesses. 

Most are not aware that there is a young business in East Macon that has grown in recent months by leaps and bounds—Performance Feeds owned and operated by the Tony Ferguson family.  We wish for them the best.  They have approximately 100 employees and serve much of Tennessee, Kentucky, and parts of Georgia and Alabama.

I’m glad I moved back to Macon County after graduating from college.  It is a good place to live.  Incidentally, I worked with the ASC office (USDA) for four years in Lafayette before going to college, and have farmed a little myself (one horse farm).  So I feel close to farming.  Best wishes to our farmers!