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Woman’s Role in Ministering to the Sick

When we are told ahead of time what some of our questions will be at judgment, we are foolish indeed if we are not prepared.  The twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew states that Christians will be judged in part on their ministering to the sick.  The manner with which early Christians delt with the admonition was probably different from the way in which it is handled today, but a broad principal runs throughout all cultures and times.  To “visit” implies caring for the needs of others who are sick just as “visiting” the fatherless and widows in their affliction denotes meeting their needs (James I:27).  Women often function better than men in this area of service because of their caring, nurturing natures, and their ability to notice things that should be done.  Perhaps the following suggestions will enable the reader to find more avenues of service.

Praying is the most valuable thing a Christian can do.

Cards are a wonderful way to let those who are ill know that you are thinking of them, especially when it is best not to have visitors.

Visits can be useful if they are kept short and cheerful.  Five or ten minutes is long enough.

Sincerely offer to run errands.

Keep children.

Sincerely offer to stay with the patient to give the family a rest when the sick person may need someone by his/her side constantly.

Prepare food for family members who are left at home.

Leave a basket of fruit and snack foods for those who are waiting by the bedside of a loved one.

Prepare sandwiches, chips, and etc., for those who wait by a bedside.

Prepare a decorated “Sunshine Box” for those who are facing a lengthy recovery.

Don’t forget those who are sick at home.

Remember sick children.



The above was written by Jane McWhorter, she is a writer and the wife of a gospel preacher, and they live in Fayette, Alabama, U.S.A.


The above article should be of value to those ladies who visit the sick.  I wanted to share this with you hoping you will consider these suggestions.