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Highway 10 Hill Not Scheduled to Shut Down

“It looks like the work on the Highway 10 hill project is continuing after a short time off due to the rainy weather we had,” said Mayor Jones. “It is my understanding the projected completion date is sometime in late 2016.”

“There was a discussion at the Committee of the Whole meeting recently about a contractor requesting to shut the Hwy. 10 hill down for a lengthly time, such as 6 months, but the State of Tennessee has not agreed to that,” said the Mayor. “I’m sure the State doesn’t want to close the road down any more than possible. At the present time, it will only be short closures when they are using explosives and removing the debris.”

“I just wanted to clear up this confusion concerning this issue,” said Mayor Jones, “and to let the public know there are no plans at this point to close the hill down for a lengthy period of time.”


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