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Junior High Cumberland Rim Boys Tournament Results


The Cumberland Rim Tournament for boys got underway last Wednesday at the High School gym in Hartsville and a large crowd turned out to watch these first round games.

The boys first game was between Jackson County and Celina and Jackson County won and the loss by Celina ended their season. Jackson County advanced to take on Macon County on Thursday night. The second boys game featured Jim Satterfield Middle school and Westmoreland and Jim Satterfield won this game to advance to Thursday night to take on the Red Boiling Springs Bulldogs. The final score in the first round game was 41-24.

The first boys game on Thursday night was between Macon County and Jackson County with the winner advancing to the finals on Saturday. This game was close as both teams knew the importance of the outcome. Macon County won this game by a final score of 32-22.

The score after the first quarter was 7-4 Macon County but the Tigers could not put Jackson County in their rear view mirror. The Tigers were up at halftime 16-13. First half points for the Tigers came from Dalton Marsh with 6 points while Isaac Meador had 5 points plus Lake Reid made a three point shot and Jacob Young had 2 points. The Tigers were struggling on offense but their defense was keeping them in the game. Jackson County was shooting a lot of three point shots and they were only down 3 points at the break.

The second half was a replay of the first half as the Tigers fed Dalton Marsh and Isaac Meador the ball in scoring position and they responded with Marsh making 8 points while Meador made 2 big baskets in the fourth quarter and finished with 9 points for game. Marsh finished with 14 points total. Jacob Young game total was 6 points while Reid had 3 points total for the game. This win puts Macon County in the Championship game on Saturday.     The games between the Jackets and Bulldogs this year have been very close and everyone expected this game to be the same. They were right as this game went into overtime before a winner could be decided. The Bulldogs would finally prevail by a final score of 26-22. The score was tied at 20 each after the 4th quarter. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves because the game before overtime was just as exciting.

The Bulldogs jumped out to a 7-0 first quarter lead and would you beleive the Bulldogs failed to score in the second quarter and our halftime score was 7-5 Bulldogs. The Bulldogs that scored were Mason Hix with 3 points and Matthew Murphy with 4 points. The Jackets got their 5 points from Alex Ford with 3 points and 2 points from Kobe Ford. The second half saw 7 lead changes and hardly any scoring from either team.

The Bulldogs scored 9 third quarter points while holding the Jackets to only 8 points and to the fourth quarter the Bulldogs take a 16-13 lead. Both teams were gasping for they were all tired. The Bulldogs that scored in the third quarter were Keaton Carter 3 points-Matthew Murphy along with James Sampson and Keaton Carter each made a 2 point basket. The Jackets got their third quarter points from Kobe Ford and Tarvares Claiborne plus Ben Chumley.

Once again both teams were guilty of poor shot selection but The Jackets managed to score 7 points while the Bulldogs had only 4 points. The horn sounded to end regulation and to overtime we go tied at 20 each. The Bulldogs got 3 points from Matthew Murphy plus 3 points from James Sampson in overtime while holding the Jackets to only 2 points and the Bulldogs won this game 26-22. The Bulldogs will now face Macon County on Saturday for the Championship.

The Bulldogs and the Tigers were both ready to play and it showed on their faces. Cross County rivals will face each other for all the marbles. The Bulldogs jumped out to a 7-6 first quarter lead and the score at halftime was 14-13 Macon County. First half points were shared with Jacob Young, Jared Hill and Dalton Marsh. The Bulldogs scoring came from Matthew Murphy-Mason Hix-Dalton Thompson and James Sampson.

The Tigers and the Bulldog were making a lot of mistakes and not scoring points as they have all season. The team that plays smart basketball is going to be your winner. To the fourth quarter and a good team is going to lose and the winner is going to celebrate. The score going into the fourth quarter was Bulldogs 24 and the Tigers 22.

The lead would change back and forth it was hard to keep up with much of the action due to a lot of jump balls and those ugly turnovers that can prove costly. The Bulldogs would score the first 4 points of the quarter only to see Jacob Young plus Dalton Marsh and Lake Reid bring the Tigers back.

The Bulldogs would get fourth quarter scoring from Matthew Murphy and Mason Hix plus Keaton Comer. Dalton Thompson played well especially on defense to aid the Bulldog effort. Macon County would get scoring help in the fourth quarter from Jared Hill along with Lake Reid and Dalton Marsh. The Bulldogs finally get the win and the championship.

The MVP for the Boys was Matthew Murphy from Red Boiling Springs and the All-Tournament was–From Macon County Dalton Marsh-Jacob Young  and  Lake Reid. From Red Boiling Springs–Mason Hix-Dalton Thompson and Keaton Conner. Those selected for the Boys ALL-Tournament include from Jim Satterfield School are Kobe ford plus Luke Haynes and Brian Satterfield. Both Macon County and Red Boiling Springs Coaches stayed with their first five.

Thanks to the coaching staff from Trousdale for their effort in helping the Macon County Chronicle.