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Five Inducted Into RBS Sports Hall of Fame

On January 28, 2022, five people were inducted into the Red Boiling Springs Basketball Hall of Fame – Kathryne Cook Belle, Ricky Pitcock, Wes Grace, Jackie Russell, and Kelly Rich Russell. 

Jackie Russell

Jackie Russell started driving a school bus back in the1980’s. Later Jackie started driving a ball  bus and 25 years later he retired from driving a bus.

Jackie still works for Macon County driving a road grader in ice, snow and rain.

Jackie had many mishaps while driving a ball bus and we can tell  you about a couple of them.

Red Boiling Springs made a trip to Monterey and as we got back to Cookeville everyone wanted to stop and eat, so we went inside and had a meal.

When we all got back on the bus Jackie ask Coach White if everyone was on the bus. Coach White said yes, lets go.

After getting almost home some of the kids asked where is Dexter White, Larry’s son. Coach White asked if he was on the bus and the kids said no.

Dexter caught a ride with the Chuck Jordan family but he got chewed out by Jeannie White when he got home.

Another trip was to Watertown and it was a cold night and starting the fourth quarter of the boys game, Jackie went out to the bus to warm it up for the ride home. Jackie broke the key to the bus and he had to get help in going to a store and getting a new key made. Everyone got home ok, but a litle late.

Jackie was always on time, even when he had to run his route and get back to school to pick up the kids for a ball trip.

Jackie was always safety first with the kids on his bus. He took a lot of pride in the safety of everyone on his bus.

On a trip to Clarkrange, the brakes went out on the bus and on a cold night Jackie knew how to baby the brakes and get everyone home safely. He did just that.

Jackie and his wife, Connie, still live on Defeated Hwy. and his point guard, Linda, works at Macon Bank & Trust. They also have a son.

Jackie always treated everyone the same and that makes for a very good bus driver.

Ladies and gentlemen, Red Boiling Springs High School is very proud to induct Jackie Russell into our Basketball Hall of Fame.

Kathryne Cook Belle

Kathryne Cook Belle spent 12 years at Red Boiling Springs School, which was located on College Street at that time. She loved school and playing sports, especially basketball.

Kathryne played six years of basketball at Red Boiling Springs School – two years junior high and four years high school. She played when it was 6 on 6, three forwards and three guards.

Mr. Rudolph Donoho was her coach, and who was a superstar athlete that had played at Red Boiling Springs School.

Kathryne made the team her freshman year and started every game in her career. Kathryne could play on both ends as needed.

The game coming up was at Livingston Academy, who always had a great girls team especially in 1961. The Lady Bulldogs made the trip to play Livingston and they had a girl who averaged 24 points a game. Coach Donoho asked Kathryne if she could slow this all star down and Kathryne’s response was not favorable, then she went out and held the girl down to only 7 points and the Lady Bulldogs won the game.

Kathryne could play on both ends of the court and that made her a valuable player on any team. Kathryne led her team in rebounds her junior and senior year.

In 1962 & 63 Ralph Bryant was the coach at Red Boiling Springs School. Kathryne was captain of her team in 1962 and averaged 20 points a game.

During Kathryne’s basketball years at Red Boiling Springs School, she became interested in the bookkeeper for the basketball games. In later years when she got out of school, she married him, Harold Belle, and they have a great life together.

Harold and Kathryne bought City Market in 1970 and ran it until 1990 – they worked side by side for 20 years. They were always ready to help the community anyway they could. They were good friends with the students at Red Boiling Springs School and anytime a donation was needed the students were never said no to. The school is very special to both Harold and Kathryne.

In 2000 Kathryne became publisher of the Macon County Chronicle. She continues to show her support for Red Boiling Springs School and the community.

Her loyalty to the Red Boiling Springs community and our school will never be in question.

Kathryne Cook Belle we welcome you to our Red Boiling Springs Basketball Hall of Fame.


Rickey Pictcock

Played ball from 1978-1982 JH  Started at point guard for jh and high school

Seventh grade-Made all tournament at Macon County Christmas tournament


Led his team in assist plus rebounds  Had 18-4 record Led his team in points scored his freshman year

Won both tournaments including 7th and 8th grade

Freshman year–played in all games while backing up point guard

Soph year–MVP  of the Friendship Christman tournament helped team to win 20 games

JH year–Most assist  MVP of RBS christmas tournament team awards hustle award plus assits awards

Started every game-led team in assist and hustle award-second in scoring on team

12th grade-Team awards–MVP-most points-made all district-800 career pointsHonrable mention in regional tournament

Led his team to a upset of Rickman who was ranked # 2 in state.Graduted with honors

Wes Grace

Played 2007-2001 wore number 22 4 year starter All Tri Lakes conference and upper cumberland freshman of the year.

Freshman year–All tri lakes conference-honorble mention all tri lakes led team in assist

Soph year-Second team all tri lakes conferonce honarble mention all  upper cumb.

Junior year-Straight A studentShootout tournament MVP-fIRST TEAM ALL DISTRICT-All region-Made all district tournament

TSWA ALL STATE class a-1000 points earned.

Senior year–2000 point club–All tournament shoot out tournament Distrout 8A-MVP REGULAR SEASON

ALL STATE-Made 477 out of 536 free throws 88.9 percentage TSSAA RECORD most free throws made in a season 194

Games played 122 Games started 122 Points 2041 Rebounds 409-Assist 323-3POINTS MADE 152

Member of the only boys team to make the Sub-State tournament signed to play college ball with Sewanne.

Kelly Rich Russell

Played 2003-2007

Started every game  from soph on

Freshman year started some and made all trilakes freshman team

Soph year-All tournament RBS christmas tour All Tri Lakes tournament

Junior year–RBS christmas tour all team-All Tri-Lakes con.All Region teamsAll region 4A tournament

Senior–All Tournament rbs christmas tour.-All Lady of the south first team-first team ALL TRI lakes con.

Made all district reg. season–All Region tournament

Team awards–Member of 30 wins team back to back 05-06 season 06-07 team District 7A aLL Region

Won District Championship 2006

State tournament team  2005-2006

Rbs ranked 3rd in state

1000 club