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More Child Abuse Charges Filed Against Stepfather

William Arizona Vannasdale

By Jessie Williams 

A 27-year-old stepfather charged with child abuse last month, now faces four additional charges of child abuse under Haley’s Law. 

William Arizona Vannasdale, who was investigated after his 6-year-old step-son came to school with a black eye, was originally arrested in early December for child abuse and neglect.

Further investigation by local law enforcement has resulted in four additional child abuse charges involving four children. 

According to the affidavits of complaints filed by Macon County Detective Robert Jacoby, Vannasdale locked the victims in their rooms so they could not use the restroom or eat, refusing to feed them more than once a day. 

He is accused of making each child use the restroom in their bedroom in a hole that was cut into the floor. 

In some cases, it states Vannasdale would chase the children into their rooms with a knife to lock them inside.  

He is also accused of severely beating one of the children, slamming her into the walls and floor, beating another child until he lost consciousness and grabbing another child by the back of her head and hair and lifting her off the floor. 

Haley’s Law makes it a Class A felony to contribute to the abuse of a child who is under the age of nine, in a way that leads to injury. 

The additional charges increase Vannasdale’s bond from $51,000 to $251,000.

He is scheduled to appear in general sessions court January 10, 2024.