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Obama Walking On The Wrong Side

Obama is wakling on the wrong side of me when he slurs rural American's religion and guns.

Recently, while speaking privately to his liberal supporters in San Francisco, Obama referred to the working class of people in Pennsylvania as so “bitter” that they “cling to guns or religion”.

In so speaking, America’s number one liberal has, in my opinion, slurred all of t he rural United States, for rural America, does in fact, prize religion and their guns. What’s wrong with that, Mr. Obama? The Constitution guarantees both. But Obama’s slur is standard for those on the left, for he believes that those of us who practice religion and own handguns are suffering from PD-Psychological Dysfunction. Now don’t go looking up PD in Webster, for it is my take on the matter.

The longer I live, the more I’m glad that I live in rural America, and I’m not about to apologize for being religious and owning guns. I’ll tell the world this, in the religion preached in the rural south, and I’m sure it is true through rural America, one never hears preachers advocating the over thown of America, or wishing its destruction as Obama did for twenty-years.

Thank God for the person who blew the whistle on Obama. Now let him try to explain away his characterization of rural America. The way things are going throughout America; we need religion. The Republicans and Democrats don’t have any. If they did, then they would have more compassion for the people, and would seek to deliver the people from the mess they have made with their greedy, filthy politics. Come to thank of it, we may need guns one day to protect us from the corrupt political and some of the so-called uniformed justice riders.

Mr. Obama and his leftwing group can make fun of rural America’s religion and guns, but they are both our rights and we mean to keep them that way. So let all freedom loving Americans say “AMEN!”