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…And Taxpayers Foot The Bill

Since 2001 the taxpayers of this country have had 19 million of their tax dollars poured into the Jimmy Carter Center at the hands of liberal Democrats and Republicans. And what has the former President Carter been doing?

He has been running throughout the world holding up the hands of America’s enemies and denouncing our country by so doing. At one time, I was as nutty as he is now, for I voted for him for President. Any American who would visit with Hamas, a declared terrorist group, who have admitted killings, need to have their money cut off. Tennessee Senators, we don’t like this. People are hungry in Tennessee and throughout America and the politicians are throwing our tax dollars to the wind.

$4.00 A Gallon Gas

Oh, it is just around the corner, and no one, absolutely no one in Washington, including our President, is trying to do anything about it. While the politicians in D.C. fiddle, America’s economy is going down the drain. Pray tell me, how do elected politicians think hardworking Americans can drive 50 to 100 miles a day (one way), and pay their gas bill?

First, former President Bush, completed by former President Clinton, moved our jobs to Mexico, making it necessary for those who lost their jobs to drive countless miles per week to work, and now our workers are on the verge of being forced to stay at home because of outrageous gas prices. I say, lets make a week from today “gasless Tuesday”. Stop buying gas on Tuesday. I won’t if you won’t dear reader. The big gas companies are making billions annually off hardworking men and women of the country, and President George Bush, along with his fat cronies, and liberals such as Obama and Clinton and their ugly liberal bunch are doing zero to help the workers of the United States. For 30 years, both Democrats and Republicans knew $4.00 gas was coming, but they’ve spent their time fussing and promoting their pork barrel projects instead of taking steps to prevent high gas prices. But now, too late, they are promoting the burning of corn instead of the eating of corn. My suggestion is that we all store up some corn meal, flour, and can goods, for if the high cost of diesel runs the truckers and farmers cut of business, then we’ve had it.

It is time for us to be Americans and get tough. Let’s denounce, mealy mouth politicians. And while we are at it, include some educators and preachers who are also mealy mouth.