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Students Allowed To Draw “Demonic” Images In School, But Not A Cross

Both the “Overkill” and inconsistency are alive and well in some schools across the nation. Recently a high school student in Tomah High School in Madison, Wisconsin drew a cross and included the words “John 3:16 A sign of peace” in his art class. His teacher asked him to remove the reference to the Bible, but the student refused. His teacher gave him a zero on the project.

The student sued, and is represented by a Christian legal advocacy group. The lawsuit alleges that other students at Tomah High School were allowed to draw “demonic” images. Other words, it is politically correct to support demonology in public school, but a drawing showing the cross as the central theme of God’s love is unconstitutional, so the liberals declare.

Public schools are rapidly becoming the vehicle by which God is being removed from every aspect of children’s lives. The ACLU says nothing about the teaching of Islam in Public Schools, but sues those systems that allow Christianity to be taught.

What is even more shocking, is that many educators have got on the “political correct” bandwagon, and any word or act that seems to be contrary to the atheists and liberal’s pet philosophy of “separation of church and state (which isn’t in the Constitution), results in them immediately taking action, which is often illegal, depriving children of their rights. Students in America’s public schools have as much right to draw a picture of a cross or a meetinghouse as others students have of promoting demonology in their drawings. It is past time for us to “put our foot down”. If we can’t rid the schools in this country of the influence of atheist and liberals and yes, spineless educators, as they combine their efforts to rid the students of the influence of Christianity, then we need to join that growing number of private school throughout America which permits their students to exalt both Christianity and Americanism.

The youth of today, are our hope of a better tomorrow. When students are robbed of their faith in God and America’s heritage, then they have no foundation left on which to build a stronger nation. And when coaches and parents keep students from Wednesday night Bible classes, and force them to leave worship early on Sunday mornings, to participate in sports, then priorities are mixed up, and young people are thus being directed toward paganism and pleasures that won’t last.