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War On The Middle Class

Never before has a more relentless war been waged against the Middle Class population of the United States than the one we are witnessing today. The Upper Class has no problem filing up their gas tanks and shopping carts, while the bottom percentage of our population receive food cards, health cards, rent subsidy, and a certain about of free transportation, whereas the Middle Class get the privilege of paying the majority of the taxes. Now if that isn’t war on the Middle Class than I’ve never heard of one.

Saddled with the tax burden of America, and with the loss of jobs at the hands of liberals George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and a host of political stooges, Middle Class Americans are driving hundreds of miles weekly to earn less than an adequate income to support their families, while a liberal government forces them to pay the majority of the taxes. Now if that isn’t war, then what is it?

Coupled with the economic war against the Middle Class is the war against their social and religious values. The ACLU doesn’t defend the religious rights of the Middle Class, the majority of which espouses Christianity, but think nothing of spending tax dollars to defend the so-called “rights” of Muslims. The ACLU turns its ugly head when Islamic is taught in public schools, but “raises cane” when Christianity is taught. The Middle Class has repeatedly rejected same-sex marriage, while the ACLU and liberal politicians, including Obama, have stamped their approval on the rights of American citizens forming marriages of the same-sex.

When those of us who belong to the Middle Class become tired of having war waged against us, then we do something about it. Throw out the bums. We’ll begin at the city halls, moving to the county courthouses, the state capitals, and to the nation’s capitol where the puny, pitiful politicians are the architects of this war.

“Throw out the bums!” Don’t elect the bums. There is power in the ballet box. Use it or else the war against us will only escalate. I stand with the rural Middle Class of Americans who are suffering injustice at the hands of hypocritical Americans. We are tired, very tired, of bearing the tax burden of this nation.