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“I Prayed”

Does a lapel button, which reads, “I PRAYED” violate the Constitution? A federal judge seems to think it does. The judge said that Wilson County schools were supporting religious activities by the parents, administrators, and teachers wearing buttons that said “I Prayed”, and that they could no longer wear them in school buildings.

 Pray tell me, what is the difference in wearing a T-shirt which reads: “I love God” and wearing a button which says “I Prayed”? Both contain statements of ones faith in school. Expressing one’s convictions, whether at school or at Wal-Mart, so long as all rules governing free speech are adhered to, isn’t a violation of any law, and shouldn’t be forbidden, Federal judges, ACLU, and liberal politicians, “BA HUMBUG!” And I make a motion that we encourage our Legislature to pass a law outlawing humbuggery, declaring it offensive and anti-American.


The liberals, including John McCain, are doing what they can to convince the rest of us that the Muslims are peaceful – that they want peace. John McCain objected to Islam being called violent. What is it, if it isn’t violent? The so-called Religion of Peace Suffered a setback when Muslims in Nigeria welcomed the Miss World beauty pageant by slaughtering Christians in the street and burning churches to the ground. Not to peaceful, right? Then what about 9/11 when Muslims killed over 3,000 of our people? Not to peaceful, right?


Isn’t it really something to see all the liberals becoming such big marriage-boosters? It is really sad that their newfound respect for marriage is limited to gays and priests. Come on boys, read Romans 1:18-32, it will shed some light upon your crusade to defend sexual perverts. You see, I’m not running for office, so I can call them what they are.


By the way folks, there is oil off shore and in Alaska but the liberal Democrats have vetoed every bill which would have permitted drilling for oil in these places – Clinton being the last to veto a bill which would have permitted looking for oil in the now forbidden geographical locations.

The price of gas in destroying our economy, and the people of power are doing absolutely nothing to ease hardships being created by high gas prices.