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Don’t Demoralize De Preacher

He comes in at least four different colors, numerous sizes and shapes. People want him when they are sick, getting married, and family members die. He is called by different names, some of which cannot be repeated in public, but one defines the work he does – PREACHER.

Those who ridicule his children and call them mean, have forgotten that their negative habits may have been picked up from the member’s children.

Having been around for several years, and having been engaged in the ministry above two score years, I feel qualified and obligated on behalf of today’s young preachers and those who may soon become men of the church to say: “Don’t demoralize de preacher.”

No profession has ever had more jokes told about it than that of preaching. The captain of an airliner announced to the passengers: “One of the four engines has gone out, but we can safely make it to our destination with three engines.” “Besides,” he continued, “this will console you, we have four preachers aboard.” A lady passenger called out, “I’d rather have four engines and three preachers.” Many feel as this lady felt.

Don’t demoralize de preacher by not listening to what he says. Cornelius said to the preacher Peter: “Now therefore are we all here present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God” (Acts 10:33).

Cornelius and others were ready to listen to Peter, and to hear all things. No sleeping! No talking! No writing notes! Ready to hear all of the commandments of God. Nothing demoralizes a preacher more than studying hard and getting prepared to preach and then some soul or souls in the audience doesn’t listen. Shame on them!

Don’t demoralize the preacher by failing to hold up in hand. Don’t demoralize the preacher by failing remunerable him adequately.

DON’T DEMORALIZE DE PREACHER. Believe or not, he is human, and whether it is believed or not, he loves people form the bottom of his heart.