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The Euthanizing of Rural America

The idea of euthanizing the elderly and the incurable ill is repugnant to all God-fearing people. The thought of it becoming a widespread practice is frightening. However there is a type of euthanization taking place today that is even more destructive, and consequently, fearful. It is the euthanizing of rural America. But it can hardly be described as merly killing. In fact, it is the very opposite.

The economic hurt inflicted upon rural culture cannot be dismissed as the changing of times. When a strong and hardy people have been taught the work ethic, and have demonstrated their willingness to labor in countless vocations, and politicians have taken their jobs from them, this is a hurt unparalled in rural history. NAFTA isn’t the culprit. No, the liberal Democrats and Republicans are the real culprits, for NAFTA is the work of their uncaring minds. It is the wicked, ingenuity by which pitiful, puny, politicians have drained rural America of much of her life’s blood.

Then comes the second hurt. As rural Americans were adjusting to commuting to distant cities and towns to work, Republicans and Democrats were busy fighting each other, ignoring a problem that had faced all Americans for 40 years – dependence upon foreign countries for our oil supply, resulting in $4,00 a gallon gas. Too far to ride a bicycle. Too costly to drive a car. But rural people are continuing to work, for that is their heritage. It was not enough for slick talking, selfish politicians to send the jobs in rural American to Mexico, they took our tax dollars and paid corporations to move their with their factories. Then they turned their heads while illegal immigrants flooded our borders, and the do-gooders handed out the loaves and fishes to them, while rural workers were looking for jobs closer to home.

Then came Obama shouting, “Rural Americans are bitter, they have a love affair with their guns and religion.” Mr. Obama, you need to apologize to rural Americans for your take on rural culture. You know nothing about why we have guns and practice our religion. And I might add, our religion doesn’t advocate the overthrow of America as your preacher did. So apologize to us.

By the way, we are going to be a tough people to euthanize. Just remember that. I love my rural Tennessee, and I know all rural people love their rural states and communities, and we absolutely refuse to roll over and play dead. We will fight to the end. All you NAFTA freaks, oil barons, and Johnny came lately politicians need to remember who you are trying to euthanize.