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A Lying Tongue

The trouble wrought in this world by a lying tongue is legion.
“Deacon Brown” was repainting the little country church building. He soon realized that there was more building to cover than there was paint in the bucket, so he added some water to stretch the supply.

After he finished painting and was cleaning the brush, it suddenly began to rain, and the diluted paint ran down the walls of the church building. There was a loud clap of thunder, followed by a voice from above that boomed, “Repaint, you thinner, and thin no more!”

The above fictitious story has some applications. One has to do with diluted religion, which we have applied to our lives. We call it the real thing, but our Creator calls it a thinned down branch of religion, rooted in lies. We are told that lying has become a major vice in America, and it corrupts our behavior in religion, social affairs, and in politics. A liar is actually a thinner, for he thins the truth with his lies until it becomes a falsehood. Therefore, he should hear the voice booming “Repaint, you thinner, and thin no more!”

When a liar thinks about who his “daddy” is, then that should motivate him to “turn over a new leaf” and commit himself to honesty, for if he is a liar, then the devil is his father (John 8:44).

Some thoughts for consideration:

If we hold up the hand of a person who is a liar, aren’t we being liars too?

If we say, “Well, I heard that,” but it was a lie, and we passed it on as the truth, aren’t we being liars too?

If we cheat on our income tax, aren’t we being liars too?

If we tell a so-called “little white lie” to cover-up something aren’t we being liars too?

Let me leave you with this bit of humor, entitled, “Recipe to Retard Baldness.”

Take half cup of green persimmon seeds, well crushed. Mix in half a cup of alum and enough water to make a paste. Rub this all over your head.

This really won’t grow new hair, but it makes your head pucker up to fit what hair you have left.