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Dumbing America Down, Once Child At A Time

The Muslims are smarter than those in leadership roles in America. They are using education as a tool to undermine and eventually take over this country. Little by little they are depriving children of their rights and not much is being said to refute their tactics.

Dear reader, if you love America and her public schools, then let me urge you to purchase a book that recently became available entitled, “From Crayons To Condoms.” After learning of this book from newspapers and television, I recently bought a copy and while I’ve been shocked numerous times in recent years, this book is the shocker of shockers. And if you really care about America, and what radical Islam is doing to turn America into an Islamic state, then you will purchase the book and read every word of it. You will do it post haste!

The book tells and documents the ugly truth about America’s public schools. The stories in this book are edited and compiled by Steve Baldin and Karen Holgate.

Armed with your tax dollars, governments at every level are funding social experimentation on America’s children with success being optional. Some of the things you will find exposed in this book include:

1.    The high school victims of “whole language” instruction can’t spell, read, or write.

2.    The sex education curriculum that encourages using clear cellophane because “you can see what you want to lick.”

3.    The “innovating name-calling” program for kindergarteners and first graders that teaches new words like “dyke” and “faggot”.

4.    Required courses in “death education” that actually encourage teen depression and suicide.

The above is just a tip of the iceberg. Muslim teachers are being brought in to lecture to the students on Islam, bringing their religious attire with them, and having the students to put them on and see how they like Muslim clothing. Teachers are being forced to give Muslim students an hour to pray, while the other students, the majority being non-Muslim, are subjected to this daily ritual. It is acceptable for Muslims to pray to Allah, but it is a crime for our children to pray to God. Muslim children can bring their Koran to class, but our children can’t bring a Bible.

Muslim Chaplains literally fill America’s prisons, and most of the converts come from black prisoners. Tragically, the above is taking place with the blessing of our government.

A public funded Islamic school in Brooklyn, New York is another distributing story to be found in the book.

Some of the most ugly, obscene language imaginable is being used in classrooms. You will be shocked. Chapter five of this book deals with this shocking language.

Parental rights – going, going, gone, is the title of chapter ten of this book. This one chapter is worth the cost of this book.

Thanks to Steve Baldin and Karen Holgate for exposing the efforts of the liberals and Muslims to weaken America by way of education and liberal government.

Please read this book and pray for America!