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Outrageous Gas Price Works Havoc On The Economic Life of Small Towns

–    A leading national newspaper recently took the position that high gas prices will eventually contribute to the economic death of small rural towns.
–    Rural consumers pay more for the necessities of life than do the city dwellers. This is due mainly to the expense of trucking products to the rural areas.
–    Then there is the matter of the NAFTA plague, which sent rural jobs to Mexico.

Hardworking rural people were soon seeking jobs in the cities within driving distance of their homes. But the money lovers soon moved again to further erode the economic life of American’s rural population by making gas so expensive that rural commuters to work couldn’t afford it.

The greed mongers have been quick to publicize that farmers are now earning as much as a 45% increase in profit 2 from the sales of their crops, cattle, and other livestock; however, what they didn’t reveal is that the cost to farmers for producing their products has risen almost 100%.

When small towns become populated with struggling citizens, then it isn’t long until both economic and social signs appear – restaurants becoming half empty, maintenance on vehicles left undone, life insurance policies allowed to lapse, family squabbles due to a lack of money to pay bills, with vacations becoming a thing of the past.

This writer charges the NAFTA nitwits and the oil mongers of destroying rural America. They need to be tried for treason and put on donkeys bound for Mexico where they will earn only $2.00 a day with no fringe benefits such as a European vacation.

If there are any leftovers from this ignomious group, then give them a bicycle and put them on a slow boat to China. Then take all those fruitcakes who doesn’t want to drill oil in the United States and off shore and send them to Iraq where they can ride camels – non-polluting fleshly machines. That should fit their go-gooder lifestyle.

Rural people need help and they need it now. Tomorrow may be too late!

Ronnie McDowell was at the Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs Saturday night and sang his new song, “Hey Mr. Oilman”. Maybe we need to send a copy of it to every politician in Washington with a P.S. – “Hey Mr. Politician, your days are numbered unless you shift into high gear and do something post haste to help rural America.”