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Defacing And Destroying God’s Earth

I suppose I should be more understanding with those who are apparently unable to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth. However, the older I get the shorter my patience becomes with public employees, who in an effort to get out of work, deface and destroy earth’s vegetation.

A case in point is the practice of spraying the roadsides with dangerous chemicals to eliminate the need for mowing. Where is the EPA?

Another illustration, which is even more revoking took place recently in Red Boiling Springs when some modern day Rip Van Winkle ordered the spraying of the creek bank from below the Red Boiling Springs Church of Christ to the covered bridge on the lower end of Church Street. The grass died, leaving the banks without vegetation to protect them from erosion.

The city is to blame for not properly supervising its employees. The belief among some citizens in Red Boiling Springs is that some of the city officials couldn’t organize a two-car funeral procession without a major problem. It’s a shame that some of the elected officials can’t recognize the limitations oft heir talents and resign. Things are becoming so critical that a recall is being discussed. I’m for it, and I’ll put my name on a petition. Enough is enough! If we aren’t careful, the next census report will change our name to Dufusville.

Countless tourists come to Red Boiling Springs during the course of a year. It must be cleaned up and kept clean to continue to attract visitors. Red Boiling Springs is dirty and I’m ashamed of it. At least a couple of City Officials have a junkyard around their house. Instead of setting an example of neatness, they are projecting a careless attitude, which is pitiful for city officials.

I’m sorry, but I don’t appreciate those who deface and destroy God’s earth. I like to see the beauty of the earth, not the earthy made ugly by careless men.

God’s world is filled with beauty, but modern man is too busy messing it up to recognize its beauty. If you ran through an art gallery without looking at the paintings, you would insult the artist. We insult God when we don’t appreciate the beauty of His world and stop long enough to compliment Him. And when we purposefully litter it, deface it, and destroy it, then we are guilty of opposing the beauty of creation.