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Bitter Pills

Bitter Pills! Normally physicians prescribe the pills, which we take, but self-licensed politicians, social engineers, and religious freaks have invaded today’s market place with a new brand of bitter pills, which has proven harmful to those who are forced to swallow them.

An associated press release, which appeared in The Tennessean on Wednesday, July 30, had this headline: “Iraq has trouble spending soaring income from oil.” While Iraq can’t spend the money they are making from oil, our own Congress is making plans to spend $117.79 billion rebuilding Iraq. I don’t get this! We have protected Iraq from terrorists, who would have taken over the oil fields in Iraq, had American soldiers not been there, but the taxpayers in the country must bear the cost of protecting them and rebuilding their country. That is a bitter pill to swallow for hardworking Americans who spend much of their paychecks on expensive fuel for their cars and trucks.

Make no mistake about it; there isn’t a shortage of oil. The problem is the liberal Republicans and Democrats in Washington who prevents corporations in the country from drilling for oil off shore and on American soil. Then add to this companies like Exon who is earning $1,500 dollars per minute or over 11 billion dollars last quarter from the oil business, and the American people have one more bitter pill to swallow.

Sitting on one’s front porch on the North Springs Road in Red Boiling Springs, or on one’s porch on Highway 52 in Lafayette, Westmoreland or Portland, and doing absolutely nothing but mouthing to the wind will do nothing to help the working commuter whose income doesn’t meet his family’s needs.

By the way, Senator Obama is against drilling for oil off shore and on United States land. And it was reported last week that he is a citizen of the world. I prefer one who is a citizen of America to be my president. The liberals, both Democrats and Republicans have been pushing a world government and a world religion for the decades. We already have a world economy; will a world government and a world religion be next?