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Political Possums In A Persimmon Tree

Today’s politicians, especially those in Washington D.C., remind me of my boyhood days of possum hunting. The Smith Chapel boys hunted possums as a pass time and for the .75¢ on $1.00 their hides would bring.

Instead of killing and skinning the possum I caught, I would sell them alive to a gentleman who paid me a dollar each for them. I recall once selling seven for which I was paid $7.00. Boy, was I in “tall cotton”. That much money went a long way in those days. Please don’t snitch on me, for fear the animal activists or the ACLU might get “wind of it” and have me indicted by some dufus grand jury for crimes against possums.

When my friends and I would shake possums out of persimmon trees, some of us would be waiting down below to catch them and put them in a grass sack. I would take my share back home, and as I poured them out into the cage my father had built for me to keep them in until I sold them,  one thing was clearly evident – they all looked alike. Now isn’t that the way it is with today’s politicians?

Take the Republicans and Democrats and put them in a sack, pour them out, and like a bunch of possums, they all look alike. The major difference in possums and politicians is the word stamped across the back of each – the poor possums, being slow have “Goodyear” across their backs, whereas the politicians have “corruption” stamped on their backs.

Like possums, who can always tell when the persimmons are ripe, politicians can always tell when the voters are most vulnerable and thus lie to them. So while the politicians sit up in their “ persimmon trees,” eating their fruit, getting fat, their poor constituents pay $3.75 a gallon for gas, $5.45 for a gallon of milk, and are told that their electric bills will increase 25 percent this winter.

Knock them out “Jeb,” put them in a sack and send them on a 747 to Mexico or China. After all, these persimmon tree climbing “possums” have made the rest of us poor while enriching Mexico or China. Knock them out “Jeb!” Of course, I’m talking about his vote, your vote, my vote!